Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday Night Funnies

Last night's show was great in talent, but very disappointing in attendance. It's like a roller coaster and it's hard to understand why some nights we have great attendance and some night it's poor. I don't think it's based on the comics as most people don't follow local comics anyways.

The comedians who performed were Sandra Risser, Bob Johnston, Sam Meeker and headliner Anthony Hill. It's always hard when there's a small crowd, but everyone did great.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Killer Laughs Competition - Preliminary Round #4

Last night we had nine comedians in the lineup. They were; Bombo, Brian King, Mothershed, Melanie Bega, Dan Allenderwest, Rudy Martinez, Patrick James, Jules Posner and Richard Kiss.

It was a very tight vote and in the end it was:

1st - Jules Posner
2nd - Mothershed
3rd - Dan Allenderwest
4th - Rudy Martinez

Two other comics were only one point out of fourth place so we did two re-counts to make sure we got it right.

Jules Posner and Rudy Martinez are comics that we haven't seen here before at Bunjo's so it's always nice to see new talent.

Next round is preliminary #5 and will be on Friday April 2nd.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Flash Mob Comedy Night

Last night we premiered out "Flash Mob Comedy". This is where we just announced the day before a FREE comedy show that we would have at Bunjo's. We thought it would be fun AND different.

On Monday we sent out the e-mail announcing the show for the next day. While we didn't have a huge turnout (around 16 people) it was a fun show and I'm confident everyone had a good time.

Interestingly enough our comic turnout was small and I thought it would have been higher. Performing were Jim Kruder, Sandi Selvi and myself. One thing that was nice was I actually did a nice long set instead of just hosting.

Flash Mob Comedy is definitely something that we plan on doing in the future so keep an eye out for the e-mails.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Are Tiger and Jesse James are going to make life miserable for us "lesser" men?

I read a news story a few days ago and they were interviewing a golfer on the PGA tour (who was quoted anonymously) about Tiger. He said something to the effect that Tiger's actions will make things difficult for other golfers on the tour. He said that his wife for instance has become more suspicious saying that "if Tiger can do this, then anybody can". The golfer said that he has never cheated on his wife although there has been plenty of opportunity.

Tiger brought to light that there actually are slutty women who follow the golfers on tour and like all other sports they are looking to hook up with a professional athlete. The fact is this has been going on well before Tiger. I started playing golf at the age of 15 (30 yrs ago). Since I played high school and college golf there was a handful of guys I played with that went on to play professionally. Some of these no-name guys who were playing well before Tiger's time. I would hear stories of women conquests, drugs, partying all the things you think about when you hear NBA, NFL, MLB etc...

This Jesse James guy is even more puzzling. I first saw him on the Celebrity Apprentice last year and from the get go thought the guy was a total tool. Then on the show they say that he was married to Sandra Bullock and I had to Google it to make sure I heard it correctly. Normally I would not care about this, but I've never been able to figure out that whole "good girl, bad boy" thing. Luckily I am now engaged to a great woman, but when I was single my friends and I could never understand this phenomenon.

So what did Sandra see is this guy? She certainly didn't need his money. From watching him on Apprentice it seems like he has the personality of a mud fence. So the only thing left could be what he does to her in the bedroom.

This is why there are people that are book smart and people who are street smart. Bullock is definitely not street smart. First of all the guys name is Jesse James. If that isn't a red flag then I don't know what is. What kind of parents would intentionally name their child after one of the most famous criminals of all time? Okay so she looks past that and learns that his ex-wife is a porn star - red flag #2. Plus I don't get the body covered in tattoos kind of thing .

So we have the "good boy" Tiger who we would think would never cheat and he did and we have the "bad boy" Jesse James who we would think would cheat who did. So where does that leave us normal guys. I think a lot of guys whether they are good or bad are going to get more grief from their women. I'm not talking about guys that are cheating. I'm talking about guys who are ultra loyal and would never have an affair. A lot of women are thinking that if these celebrities who have everything in the world need to have an affair than why wouldn't my husband want to have one? I would even argue that it's easier for the normal man because they are not celebrities so they don't have to worry about the media following their every move.

It's also going to make it harder on guys that are cheating as well, which of course would not be a bad thing. However, they will figure out other ways around it. A matter of fact a new app for the iPhone called Tiger Text has come out that will erase text messages. Here's a story on it:

Want to cheat on your spouse, but not end up like Tiger Woods?

There's an app for that.

A new iPhone application called Tiger Text eliminates the possibility of damaging evidence being left behind by erasing text messages from recipients' phones.

"People text like they talk," the app's creator, Jeffery Evans, told Time. "And some of the things they say, taken out of context, can come back to haunt them."

A sender using the Tiger Text application can set how long they want the message to stay on a recipient's phone before it is deleted for good.

Users can also choose a "delete on read" setting, giving people a set time to look at the text before the message self-destructs, "Mission: Impossible" style.

Evans claims the app's name was chosen before Woods was outed as a philanderer late last year.

Killer Laughs Competition - Preliminary Round #3

A lot of traffic problems combines with protesters on a freeway overpass got the show off to a late start.

We had nine comedians and when it was all said and done the top four were Bob Lieberman, Miceala Smith, Colleen Watson and Mark Zhang.

Next week is preliminary round #4

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Killer Laughs Competition - Preliminary Round #2 - 3/12/10

March 12, 2010 - This was preliminary round #2 of our 3rd Annual Killer Laughs Comedy Competition. We had a full field of ten comedians in this round/ They were; Pat McCoy, Bradley Lum, Eric Steele, Scott Saari, Vahe Hova, JJ Johnson, Tony Neal, Bix Brillo, Bernie Anderson and Clyde Chaplin.

Voting was done by the audience and the top four are moving on to the quarter finals. The top four were Bradley Lum, Eric Steele, Vahe Hova and Tony Neal.

Our guest host for the evening was Dan Edwards and our guest closer for the night was Toby Muresianu. Both did great and we thank them for coming out.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yesterday's epidsode of Schnauzerlogic

Did the Schnauzerlogic Podcast yesterday. I really enjoy doing this and sometimes I think it's better than doing stand up. As a stand up comic you can't really laugh at your own jokes, but on radio, podcast's etc... you can. I feel so relaxed and re-energized after doing the show.

As always it was a fun time. I won't get into all the details here, but if you want to check them out go to While you're there why not subscribe to the podcast?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Chicks with Schtick" - 3/6/10

Great show last night. Beth Schuman hosted, Colleen Wilson and Sandi Selvi Featured and our headliner was Laurie Kilmartin. Everyone had great sets and having Laurie there was great. She's very comfortable on stage and can deal with anything.

We experimented with having a wine tasting before the show which may have brought in some additional people, but unfortunately the winery did not sell a lot of wine. This may just not be the right environment for it.

Anyways it seems like these themed shows have been doing well and we will continue on with them.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Killer Laughs Competition - Preliminary Round #1 - 3/5/10

Last night kicked off our 3rd Annual Killer Laughs Comedy Competition. This round we were a little short on comics with only seven, but the competition was tough. In this round was Duat Mai, Bob Johnston, Rachel McDowell, Sam Wilcke, Veronica Porras, and Matt Gubser.

Voting was done by the audience and the top four are moving on to the quarter finals. The top four were Rachel McDowell, Sam Wilcke, Bob Johnston and Matt Gubser.

Closing out the show was special guest Laurie Kilmartin. Laurie has been on Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel, Tough Crowd and many many other shows. It was great to have her out here. She is also performing in tonight's "Chicks with Schtick" show.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Saturday Night Funnies - 2/27/10

Last night was Saturday Night Funnies at Bunjo's Comedy Club. Our headliner was Jeff Applebaum, featuring was Drew Pult, Myk Powell, Sean Sinha and I hosted.

We had a good sized crowd with some regulars and quite a few new folks which is always good. I determined while hosting that we had people from all over the Tri-Valley, some from Dublin, some from Livermore, some from Pleasanton.

There were a couple of kids to my right with their parents. I asked them "did your parents drag you here" and they nodded in agreement. One kid was 17 the other was 14. The 14 year old kid looked like a total rocker with the long hair. He had on a Led Zepelin T-Shirt. I commented to him how it was interesting how kids his age are into classic rock and "quizzed" him by asking him to name all the members of the band and he did!

All the comics had great sets. It was really my first time seeing Myk(pronounced Mike) and he did great and I will definitely have him back again.

Next week starts our Killer Laughs Comedy Competition on Friday, Saturday is "Chicks with Schtick" and our open mic moves to Thursdays.