Monday, March 1, 2010

Saturday Night Funnies - 2/27/10

Last night was Saturday Night Funnies at Bunjo's Comedy Club. Our headliner was Jeff Applebaum, featuring was Drew Pult, Myk Powell, Sean Sinha and I hosted.

We had a good sized crowd with some regulars and quite a few new folks which is always good. I determined while hosting that we had people from all over the Tri-Valley, some from Dublin, some from Livermore, some from Pleasanton.

There were a couple of kids to my right with their parents. I asked them "did your parents drag you here" and they nodded in agreement. One kid was 17 the other was 14. The 14 year old kid looked like a total rocker with the long hair. He had on a Led Zepelin T-Shirt. I commented to him how it was interesting how kids his age are into classic rock and "quizzed" him by asking him to name all the members of the band and he did!

All the comics had great sets. It was really my first time seeing Myk(pronounced Mike) and he did great and I will definitely have him back again.

Next week starts our Killer Laughs Comedy Competition on Friday, Saturday is "Chicks with Schtick" and our open mic moves to Thursdays.

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