Friday, February 26, 2010

Awesome Interview with Comedian Rich Vos on Schnauzerlogic

My friend Robin Goldstein has been doing a podcast for the past four years called Schnauzerlogic. Robin has a lot of broadcasting experience so this is a very well done and well produced podcast. I have been lucky enough over the past four years to be on the podcast many times as part of "
the crew".

I met comedian Rich Vos a few months ago when he came out to Bunjo's and I thought it would be great if we could get him to be on Schnauzerlogic to do an interview. Rich was kind enough to take the time to do a phone interview which was on Wednesday February 25. You can hear the interview here. It's hilarious, but be forewarned if you're sensitive about foul languange this might not be for you!

Also if you want to hear a great quality podcast I highly encourage you to go to the Schnauzerlogic Website and subscribe to it. We have a lot of fun and talk about a wide variety of subjects.

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