Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Smorgasbord Of Jewish Comedy - The Meshugenah Comedy Tour

Last night’s show was played to a sold out crowd at Bunjo’s Comedy Club. We really should have turned people away, but they were so insistent that they had to see the show and we would have felt bad doing so. It really put a strain on the wait staff at The Willow Tree as it was the Chinese New year and they were slammed in the main dining room which is rare.

Great performances were put in by all – I was the host as “The Republican Jew” , featured comics were “The Not So Nice Jewish Girl” Carrie Gilbert, “The Vietnamese Jew” Joe Nguyen, “The Gay Jew” Kenny Altman, “The Old Jew” David Kleinberg and our headliner was “The Indian Jew” Samson Koletkar.
It seemed like everyone had a great time and we are hoping to get this tour on the road in the near future.

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